Part 2. The ski bums who fell in love

As you can probably figure out, each never went his own way. Despite Jacobs' desire to travel the world as a chef, there was just one culinary education to be completed in Denmark. I (Signe) therefore had to drag him home to Copenhagen, where he could finish it. ThatContinue reading “Del 2.. Skibumserne der blev forelskede”

The ski bums who fell in love .. Part1

So who is this crazy family who chooses to travel from it all. Permanent job, good salary, nice newly built house in fantastic neighborhood with good friends and a really happy son. Yes, who are we really? What is our history? Where do we come from? And what is our background? We have tried and assembledContinue reading “Skibumserne der blev forelskede.. Del1”

The blog post that was never published…

In November 2019, I wrote the very first post for our blog. A blog that never got on the air because the whole alpine adventure was so amazing that we just wanted to be in the moment without sitting and writing behind a computer, but instead enjoying the fresh alpine air, talking to our guests, providing great service, learningContinue reading “Blog-indlægget der aldrig blev udgivet…”